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Placing things on hold

Food Launcher is officially being placed on hold. This comes after months of consideration and wavering back and forth. But ultimately it comes down to divided attention. While Bearded Brothers has had a lot of growth over the past five years, we still have LOTS of growing to do, and I have come to realize that in order to achieve the growth we are striving for I need to give my undivided attention to growing Bearded Brothers.


But expect content to start reappearing on this site in a few more years, once Bearded Brothers has achieved the traction we are looking to gain. By that time I will have even more information and wisdom to impart.


Until then please feel free to browse the content on this site. I’m sure you will find some of it helpful and inspiring, especially the interviews.

I will also be posting on my personal Twitter Account: CalebSimpson
You can also find me on Instagram: CalebSimpson
I’m even experimenting with SnapChat: BusinessBeard

Follow me on SnapChat: BusinessBeard


Much Health,
Caleb Simpson


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